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You don’t need any fees to set up a seller page on bWebs to publish products or second-hand goods. Online trading is easier than ever!

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No matter you are a KOL Internet celebrity, a live broadcast platform anchor or an ordinary netizen, you can register for free bWebs to publish goods or second-hand goods.


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When uploading products, remember to provide accurate product information, such as name, price, and number of pieces. At the same time, you can also visit our Tsim Sha Tsui store to learn how to shoot attractive products.


Real-time Conversation With Buyers

Potential buyers who are interested in your items will take the initiative to start a real-time conversation with you via bChat. You can use bChat to determine the payment method, delivery location or shipping method with the buyer.

Want to develop online trading? Why not try to set up a complete online store!

Individuals or businesses that want to expand online sales can order bWebs Pro at a price of $398/month, and upgrade the "seller page" to a complete exclusive online store, starting at only $398/month. The bWebs online store has rich functions so that your business e-commerce performance can surpass other brands. Once upgraded, the product will be directly migrated to the online store without re-entering.

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