🏪 Storefront

Promote your brand and customise your store

All templates are equipped with intuitive functions to let you customise each part of your store with ease.

Mobile commerce made simple

Your bWebs store has a built-in mobile commerce shopping cart. Your customers can browse and shop using any mobile phone or tablet.

Multiple languages

Supports Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and English to allow your store to reach different countries and regions.

Customized content

Your stunning website deserves beautiful images and high-converting copy.

Smart tips

Get instant smart tips and best practices guides at each stage when you build your website.

Choose your colors

Use advanced settings to choose your own theme, color palette and colors.

Mobile friendly

Every site has a simple and mobile-responsive version that contains all the important content that mobile browsers wouldn't want to miss.

🛒 Shopping Cart

Accept credit card payments

Accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards - no hidden charges.

Integrate with local electronic wallets

bWebs is integrated with electronic wallets like PayMe for Business, WeChat Pay. After merchants fill in their info, you may accept payment from them.

Multiple currencies

Connect with customers around the world by setting up different currencies.

Flexible delivery charges

A fixed price, to weight, to calculate the location and other shipping option settings.

Offer free shipping

Use free shipping promotions to boost average order value. You can choose the minimum spend before a customer can choose free shipping.

👥 Customer Relationship Management

Customer profile

Get deep insights about your customers and their shopping habits. Quickly get a customer's contact information and order history.

Order fulfilment flow

Direct payment via mobile phone to capture and shipping orders. Send shipping notice from the post office.

Email templates

Custom automated store e-mail according to desired language.

📢 Marketing and SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Utilise the power of search engines to allow potential customers to find your online store. bWebs support SEO best practices, such as customizable H1, title and meta tags.

Generate sitemap.xml

The system with your goods, web pages and blog posts automatically generated sitemap.xml.

Product Reviews

Set comment option on your website, encourage guests to stay to help optimize search engine efficiency product reviews to help increase sales.

Sell products in Facebook

Your Facebook fans can browse and purchase your products directly on Facebook.


Direct from bWebs administrator interface (bWebs Admin Console) precision lock off the public price reduction activities, such as the introduction of discount code activity, thereby increasing sales and improving customer loyalty.

Gift cards or vouchers

Your customers can buy gift cards or vouchers to give as gifts from your store, also can be used as store gift card arrived with gold.

Social Media Integration

All bWebs sites include social media integration, can be integrated such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook platforms.

Product subscription Demo

Build up long-term connection with customers, inrease customer loyalty

📦 Products

Inventory Management

All inventory management through bWebs. Inventory tracking number, and automatically stop selling the products in stock.

Product sub-options

Sub-option offers a variety of products, such as different sizes, colors and materials. And exhausted every option can be set separately price, SKU, weight and inventory.

Import / Export

Using Excel file to import or export goods.

Bulk upload

Uploading products no longer have to do hand residue, a key product bulk upload feature allows you to upload the product once put on shelves.

Small retail and wholesale model

Support Product variants wholesale price setting.

Multiple pictures

To increase the number of product pictures to display merchandise from all angles.

Product Reviews

Support members and visitors comments and can upload pictures, freedom to set whether to audit.

🔥 Promotions

Coupon Demo

Support cash and discount coupons and can be used for specific populations.

Group buyDemo

Allows the user to buy the purchase price of goods after reaching a specified number of people buying, increase product sales.

Combined Purchase

A + B classic promotional mix, increase its passenger unit.

Find customer profile and immediately contact by email or phone.

Find customer profile and immediately contact by email or phone.

Enhance the effectiveness of promotional activities

Through multiple channels such as social media, messaging software, text messaging, e-mail and other network or even two-dimensional code printing, issuing electronic coupons.

📥 Order Management

Order Logistics Process

Just a click away from a sum or pen orders shipped the same time, allowing you to easily handle daily orders.

📊 Analysis and Report

Management Center

Easy to operate sales, orders, and flow control panel to help you make the right business choice.

🤹‍♂️ B2B Center

B2B CenterDetail

A one-stop platform which allows you to look for suppliers, make payment, and to ship goods. Help you to open a shop at $ 0 cost!